A Healthy Landscape Takes Special Care

Discover the benefits of aeration for Bozeman, Belgrade & Big Sky, MT lawns

Many homes and business owners don't know the benefits of aeration, so they tend to skip it. The Backyard Barber doesn't. We understand the importance of aeration in each season.

With a direct route to the roots aeration can significantly improve the benefits of reseeding and fertilization. Schedule an aeration today to loosen your soil pack and promote deeper root development for a more resilient lawn!

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Remove dead grass for better growth with dethatching services

Do you bag your clippings when mowing your lawn? If not, all of that debris, called thatch, ends up settling between the grass and soil. Up to a half-inch of thatch is beneficial for your lawn to protect from the harsh sun and dry conditions, however, more than a half-inch can suffocate the lawn from water and important nutrients. Dethatching is recommended every 1 to 2 years to prevent this and can turn your yellowing lawn into a lush green space. Schedule a power rake today to let your lawn breathe!

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